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Knowledge, Abundance, and Light


If you want to take yourself to the next level, this is the place to receive the encouragement you are needing at this time. Light, Abundance, and Knowledge are at the doorstep of your new adventure!

As a legitimate Mayan Elder, I have some wisdom from the ancients for you!

What can you expect from a Consultation?

1. Open doors to more available experiences in your life.

2. Clear and greater understanding of your unlimited choices.

3. Once hidden opportunities expand your horizons.

4. Serendipity in life is felt more strongly.

5. Synchronicity of events is inevitable.

Begin your new adventure....

Step #1:

Please email me for more information about fees and to set up a time for your consultation.

IMPORTANT: Write "Consultation" on the Subject line. I will get back to you with fee schedule and with a couple of available times for you to choose from for your appointment.

Step #2

Select the time most appropriate for you.

You may wish to text me: 520.507.0327

We hope that you also participate in other Sacred Knowledge Circle’s powerful and fun events!


Participants have this to say:

“I learned so much!” ~ Christina Ramirez

“The information opened my mind to so many things I didn’t know.” ~ Sheela Williams

“I can now be less afraid to get into a relationship.” ~ Robert Polanco

“The knowledge I gained at the workshops game me more self-confidence.” ~ Jayme Sharp

“Jeanette gave me a reading which helped me to understand myself and life better.” ~ Tim Shultz

“Her conversations are always so uplifting.” ~ Virginia Gooch

“She is a great counselor; she never has any negative thing to say. Always up-beat.” ~ Joni Carlson

“I love the way I feel after I have talked with Jeanette.” ~ Hannah Thompson


Unlimited Possibilities