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Taking a Fresh Look at Life

Have we forgotten how to smell the flowers because we are too busy with distracting details in our lives? When we truly desire refreshment and beauty in our life, we only need to look within. But desire alone will not bring about a beautiful world for us. It requires action! So, where do we begin? Wanting a refreshment in life requires looking at character qualities in ourselves. 

For centuries now, humans have been repeating patterns of behavior that are outdated and useless in creating a progressive lifestyle. The results of these outdated designs are not bringing us satisfaction nor a world of happiness. Have we forgotten our own creativity? Perhaps we have forgotten the feeling that generated from within us as a result of a particular creative expression. You may remember how it felt back when you were a child and played in the mud or when you created a masterpiece after sticking your hands in finger paints! When we were children we all had an abundance of creative energy: building snow men, making bouquets of wild flowers, stringing popcorn necklaces, or painting a happy face on a river rock. Have we left all of these creative moments behind as simple memories? Has life become too stressful and distracting? Perhaps we must sit back for a moment and take account. What has happened? Why must our creative energy stay buried with those treasures of our past? Have we really forgotten how to live in the moment and be present, creating beauty and bliss?

There are definitely certain qualities to cultivate if one is to find joy and maintain a fresh outlook in life. Below is a list of 12 qualities you might find nourishing and helpful in rekindling buried child-like freshness. Challenge yourself to greater creativity!

 Take a new look at your life; decide if you have merely cloaked treasured childhood memories or have entombed a creative spirit too.

12 Qualities That Spark and Refresh Your Life

  1. Confidence ~ Find it again!
  2. Independence ~ Regain your sure-footing.
  3. Autonomy ~ Feel the freedom of true self-expression.
  4. Uniqueness ~ Acquire individuality!
  5. Vision ~ Know thyself!
  6. Spontaneity ~ Express yourself without restraint. 
  7. Presence ~ Keep emotional involvement in abstract issues.
  8. Courage ~ Willingness to explore uncertainties and entertain doubts without fear!
  9. Detachment ~ Maintain comfort with challenging issues. 
  10. Discernment ~ Accept or reject criticism with an open mind.
  11. Composure ~ Willingness to change without rebellion.
  12. Sovereignty ~ Persevere with balanced resistance to outside control and/or direction.


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