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Rejuvenating Workshops & Retreats

Everything changes daily, whether we notice or not. Caterpillars turn into butterflies. Buds blossom. Acorns sprout and grow into beautiful oak trees.

We too can bloom into masters of our own destiny.



My workshops and rejuvenating retreats link awareness, education, and action, making it a comprehensive sensual and integral learning experience. It can be one of your most exciting journeys to personal empowerment! You will be experiencing a re-birthing of your life. Re-birthing is a gentle conscious connected breathing technique that brings you on a journey into the deepest part of yourself.

You’ll learn simple basics to achieving your highest potential through fundamental sacred concepts. Simply stated, you will learn to better access the mechanisms of your brain in order to consciously evolve your life and live it more fully. You will also learn techniques on how to get yourself unstuck from the wheel of repeating things.


My workshops are about gathering useful tools to create our lives more sensually abundant! We all learn to update our lifestyles (yes, including me) by making personal changes and updating our values. Magic happens when we make decisions that move us into a more expanded consciousness. The process begins with intention and is supported by discipline.

Workshop discussions include the following topics:

  • How to recognizing & realizing innate psychic powers
  • How to establish a close relationship with our own potential
  • How to overcome the greatest blocks to spiritual evolution
  • How to move forward  by completing our specific destiny

I help you chart your journey with intention and encourage you to continue. Think of it this way, as your friend, I can only take you to the base of the mountain. You alone must travel and climb to the top.

I teach you four ways to gather tools of knowledge:

     1. To listen to someone who is a Master of their art. Mentor under a sage.

     2. To ask questions for a more clear understanding.

     3. To do your own research. Read and study.

     3. To create your own wisdom by acquiring knowledge through personal experience.

We’ll be exploring the fundamental techniques of spiritual transformation from various ancient mystery schools by exploring knowledge from Buddhist, Yogic, Taoist, and Shamanic lineages.


  • Experiencing energetic empowerment
  • Cultivating awareness through inner fitness
  • Developing spiritual powers through contemplation
  • Practicing internal alchemy
  • Gaining greater attunement to other realms of dimension
  • Invoking dimensional contact with Masters
  • Understanding the “Adamantine Particle” as the magnetic energy of all life
  • Becoming more knowledgeable of the statement “Behold God”
  • Developing your Christ Consciousness ~ The Christos
  • Understanding the relationship biology has to consciousness
  • Learning to fully use the brain as the tool to awakening
  • Awakening to nature symbolism by learning its language
  • Recognizing the steps to a masterful journey
  • Living the “exemplary life”


My Guatemala Rejuvenating Retreats are filled with culture, fun, and new information. YOU gain a new spirit of abundance. Refreshment becomes a daily part of your life after attending any of my retreats.

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